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        • Mgr. Miroslav Kočiš – tutorship Thursday early afternoon

          Class II.AA

          SUCCESS club

          Contact: miroslav.kocis@gmail.com, 0917 214 810, http://gpm.edupage.org/miroslavkocis/ 

          September 3, 2018

          Looking forward to seeing you !

          September 4, 2018

          The objective of the SUCCESS club is to assist those who want to achieve the best results not only within their ordinary study but also at competitions (Best in English - Angličtinár roka, English Essay Competition, Juvenes Translatores, Olympiáda v anglickom jazyku), expert works (SOČ) related to English, and certified exams (FCE, CAE, IELTS, ŠJS - všeobecná štátna jazyková skúška). :)